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Why tiles from Koolschijn?

With tiles from Koolschijn, you get the best. Our tiles are not only beautiful but also meet all quality requirements. Tiles are practical, scratch and wear-resistant and easy to maintain. You’ll find something for all tastes in our tile department and show kitchens and bathrooms.


Ceramic tiles are made from baked clay. Since dirt cannot penetrate the surface, they look good for longer. The production of ceramic tiles is also environmentally friendly. In any case, a good choice!

Easy to maintain

Ceramic tiles are usually used in bathrooms since they are resistant to moisture. Naturally, good grouting and caulking are important. Ceramic is also nonabsorbent, so remains cleaner. The best way to clean ceramic tiles is with water after the dust has been removed. Some detergents may seem to give a better result but can leave a residue that, over time, can make the surface of the tiles dull.

Our consultants can advise you on the best cleaning products.

Under floor heating

Ceramic tiles are a perfect partner to under floor heating as they conduct heat well so providing optimal efficiency. Under floor heating removes the cold feeling from tiles.

Endless options

Ceramic tiles are not only available in many sizes and colors but also in many shapes and finishes. For example marble, concrete, terrazzo or even wood. Each tile has its unique style. Small tiles laid in an unusual pattern can give a playful edge to a room while larger tiles are more restful since there are fewer grout lines.

Non-slip tiles are also available. The level of non-slip is given in an R-value, where R9 is low and R11 is very high. The level of non–slip required depends on the application. Our advisors are pleased to help you.

Laying patterns

When choosing tiles you need to take laying patterns into account. Not all tiles are suitable for all patterns - the size of the tile is the deciding factor. The laying pattern can have a huge influence on the design of the room.

Examples of laying patterns:

  • Stretcher
  • Herringbone
  • Broken
  • Romanesque

Curious about the possibilities?

Our advisors are happy to provide you with personal advice. Come and visit us!

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