New Siemens StudioLine ovens

With the new Siemens StudioLine iQ700 ovens you are completely in control, wherever you are!

Siemens has launched the new StudioLine oven line. The ovens are equipped with various new smart functions. This allows you to put the most delicious dishes on the table with even more ease.

The newest line from Siemens can be admired in our showroom.

Integrated camera

Now view your evenly browning food from a distance on your phone, wherever you are. It is not only nice to see, but also functional. The camera can keep an eye on your dishes.

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Individual tanning

The ovens are equipped with Individual Browning. You can choose from one of the five different browning levels and your oven will do the rest. The integrated camera closely monitors the selected level. Has the correct browning level been achieved? Then the oven switches itself off.

Home Connect-app

The old StudioLine ovens were already equipped with Home Connect, but there is now even more that can be done. This way you can keep an eye on the inside of the oven via the app. You can even create mouth-watering time-lapse videos and send them to your friends.

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Steaming without refilling

No more filling up the water tank in the meantime, thanks to the fixed water connection. With this you always have fresh water to steam with and you never have to keep an eye on the level in the water tank or refill it in the meantime.

A grip that seems to disappear

In addition to various smart additions, the design of the ovens has also been updated. With the new design, the handle is made of the same material as the door, making it seem to disappear. This ensures a calm and timeless design.

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Curious about the possibilities?

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