When designing a kitchen the appearance and praticality of the worktop play a vital role. Each material has it’s own qualities. Therefore we have a range of worktops available to view in our showroom including composite, ceramic, wood, stainless steel and laminate.

Regardless of the material we recommend that you never place hot pans or dishes directly onto your worktop. We also recommend that you always use a chopping board even on the most scratch resistant worktop.


Composite is a very popular choice for coutertops. It has not only a luxury apperance but is also hardwearing and hygienic. Composite is also available in a wide range of colours and finshes, making it easier to find the perfect worktop for every kitchen.


If you’re looking for a unique countertop then maybe granite is for you. Since granite is a natural material, each worktop is unique. Granite is also superstrong and scratch resistant.


A creamic worktops is made of a combination of clay, porcelain and ceramic binders. Ceramic countertops are available in various prints. For example, marble, pebbles, concrete etc.


Wood look, concrete look or neutral? With a laminate worktop anything is possible! Laminate worktops are available at a competitive price and are easily cut to size. However, KUNTSTOF worktops are less heat and scratch resistant. A hot pan can melt the top layer and cause discoloration.

Curious about the possibilities?

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