SieMatic Pure

Give enjoyment more space in your life. The SieMatic PURE style collection opens up a cornucopia of creative options, with room concepts integrating the functions of the kitchen with the architecture, perfectly and unobtrusively. The elegant minimalistic language of form of the furniture elements from the SieMatic PURE style collection places the focus on what really counts: the lasting values of the exquisite materials and the precision of their workmanship down to the smallest detail.

Individual Design from SieMatic

The modern kitchen as an oasis of peace. the avoidance of anything that is all too decorative create an atmosphere of soothing balance. Find out more about SieMatic Pure.

Handleless kitchens are considered modern, but SieMatic have been making them since 1960. All of SieMatic’s experience can be seen in the SieMatic S2. Beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside, the drawers, the pull-out fittings and the cupboard interiors. The exceptional quality of the SieMatic S2 are best experienced in our showroom. Pure design, advanced technology, unsurpassed luxury and elegant appearance.

SieMatic SLX

SieMatic SLX is the newest line within the SieMatic Pure range. A luxurious, handleless kitchen with elegant lines. The timless modern quality of this kitchen is emphasized by the recessed grip and recessed grip lighting.

The SLX grip rail on the top of the angled edge enhances your experience of using the furniture; the new profile is ribbed for a better grip. It’s also concave in design so that it adapts perfectly to the shape of your finger. The vertical recess channel for the tall units have the same angle and shadow gap as the base unit, an attention to detail you’d come to expect from SieMatic.

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