For an extensive selection of kitchen equipment of standard microwave to wine cooler you have come to the right place! Kitchen equipment is not only functional but must also appeal to the eyes. In addition, using a Quooker, cooking with a steam oven or making a cappuccino on a coffee machine not only convenient but also fun!

Hobs and extractor fans

Do you prefer to cook with gas or on a induction hob? Induction hobs are currently the most popular. Heat is generated through the combination of a magnetic field and the right pots. This means the hob will only heat up if there is a pot or a pan on it. The hob is almost as reactive as a gas hob meaning your have apot of bolig water as quick as a flash but the hob will also quickly cool. Since the surface is glass, it’s also easy to clean.

In recent years there have been many advances in extractor fans. Design has become almost as important as function. Also, the traditional wall unit is more replaced by a hob with a built in extractor like the BORA.

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Ovens and microwaves

Before choosing an oven it is important to consider how it will be used. There are models of ovens that combine many functions – standard fan oven with steam and/or microwave.

Ovens are available in the standard heights of 45 cm and 60 cm. Microwaves are generally smaller at approximately 38cm. Should you have doubts as to which size, the design of your kitchen will often be the deciding factor.

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Fridges and freezers

Built in or free standing? In combination or seperate? Fridges and freezers are available in many sizes and combinations. Good refridgeration can mean a longer shelflife for your groceries. This is especially true of fridges with a zero degree zone. In this special zone the temperature is lower than the rest of the fridge and the humidity is higher which means food stays fresh for longer.

The noForst option is a must for convenience. A freezer with the noFrost options is fitted with a number of sensors. These sensors gather the necessary information to prevent the production of excess moisture. This means that there is no build up of ice, making defrost a thing of the past.

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These days dishwashers are rarely seen as they are usually fully integrated. This doesn’t mean that selecting the right dishwasher is not important. After all, a dishwasher is a major convenience.

For example: Cutlery basket or cutlery tray? Also consider the wash programmes available and the sound levels. Dishwashers are also available in varying heights. All things to consider when designing your kitchen.

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Taps and sinks

The sink is probably the most used element in the kitchen, not only while you’re cooking but many times over a day.

There are many varieties of taps available – you are surely familiar with the standard mixer tap. You may want to consider a tap with a flexible hose or a Quooker with hot water function.

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Special appliances

In addition to the standard appliances, special appliances are available – wine coolers, integrated coffee machines, warming drawers etc.

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