Whether modern or design, our taps are always of the highest quality. The many elegant and eye-catching products make our collection complete.

Colored taps

Whereas in the past taps were almost always chrome, these days there are many more choices of color and finish.

Non integrated taps

Non integrated taps are easier to install. There s no need for drlling and it is easier to repair should any leaks occur.

Free standing taps

Free standing taps are usually used in combination with a free standing bath since it is often not possible to attach a tap to a wall.

Xenz Michelle Solid Surface

Integrated taps

Integrated taps add style and character and are currently very popular. Only the essential parts are visible and the rest is hidden. Due to the extra room a basin with an integrated tap is easier to clean.

Our salesmen will be pleased to give you more information on the comfort, safety and durability of your choices of a tap - their comfort, safety and durability.

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