Cabinets and sinks

Koolscijn offers a wide range of functional bathroom cabinets, from pure simplicity to stylish elegance in a comfortable and luxurious bathroom. A warm atmosphere can give unique character to your bathroom. The years of enjoyment are up to you!

Bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinets come in many shapes and sizes. Our selection includes wide cabinets, narrow cabinets, cabinets with drawers, doors or open shelves. The range of finishes is also enormous, you can choose from gloss finish, solid wood, veneers or laminate. Laminate cabinets come in a wide range of finishes including wood, marble, terrazzo, concrete and, of course, neutral. We are sure to have the cabinet to suit your tastes.


Do you want practicality, style, or both? The range of washbasins include freestanding, integrate and washbowls. Every type of sink has it’s pros and cons. A suspended sink has no storage but takes up less space, an intergrated sink is easier to maintain than a counter top basin. On the other hand a counter top basin can give your bathroom that extra design edge.

In addtion tot he custom cabinets from the Koolschijn range we can also provide custom sinks. These can be made from granite or composite. You can determine the size, shape and thickness of the sink. There is also a wide range of colours available

Our advisors will talk you through all the pros and cons and help you find the sink that suits you best.

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