Wall tiles

There are many types of wall tiles available – from tiny mosaics to room height. Generally, wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles and for this reason, it is not possible to use wall tiles on floors. Also, wall tiles are smoother, since they have not been treated for non-slip. Floor tiles can, however, be used on walls – but be sure to check the strength of the adhesive used.

Floor tiles used on walls will appear darker – this difference is due to light. Light falls directly onto a floor but hits a wall at an angle. Apparaci is a brand that has made use of this difference by producing a range of tiles where the wall tile is a shade lighter than the floor tile, so the floor and the wall are an almost identical color.

Wall tiles can be used in many ways – decorative, functional or both.

Large tile

If you chose larger tiles your space will be more restful to the eye since there are fewer grout lines. If you find 60x60 or 120x120 too small, then maybe room height tiles are for you. This means tiles of 360x160. Before you buy, consult your tiler and check that it’s possible to get the tiles inside!

Accent tile

If you have an area or feature in your room that you want to highlight then your best choice is a smaller tile with an unusual shape or with a pattern. Most effective in combination with a bold color. Do you dare?

With tiles from Koolschijn, you get the best. Our tiles are not only beautiful but also meet all quality requirements.

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