Under floor heating

More and more people are opting for underfloor heating, because it simply offers the highest comfort. Underfloor heating provides you with the most ideal temperature distribution in your living and working environment.

The advantages of underfloor heating:

  • The build-up of heat goes from the floor to the ceiling, so the temperature is most pleasant at living height.
  • No visible heating elements in your living room. This is not only more beautiful but also saves space.
  • Energy saving! The temperature can be set 1 to 2 degrees lower.
  • A solution for people with allergy problems or asthma. The system reduces the risk of house dust mites, provides less dust circulation and better humidity.
  • An advantage of underfloor heating is that the heat source is located directly under the floor finish. This ensures that the temperature can be controlled faster and more accurately than with traditional systems. And that of course saves energy and your wallet.

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