Floor tiles

Floor tiles are timeless and there is an option available for every interior. Also, floor tiles are hygienic, practical, strong, sustainable and easy to maintain. A mop with the right detergent is usually all to need to clean. Floor tiles are scratch and impact resistant and a tiled floor is ideal in combination with underfloor heating. Ceramic is a good heat conductor and contributes to the optimal efficiency of underfloor heating.

Floor tiles can be used as wall tiles (the opposite is not the case). This means it is possible to extend your floor tiles up the wall. Since floor tiles are thicker and heavier than wall tiles it is important to use the correct adhesive.

The current trend is voor larger floor tiles. In bathrooms, this is usually 60x60cm, in living rooms are even bigger. The bigger the tile the more relaxed the space is since there are fewer grout lines visible.

In the Koolschijn showroom in Delft, you can see floor tiles in all sizes, styles, patterns and colors. You’ll surely find the right tiles for you – our staff are ready with help and advice. They can tell you about the qualities, prices, finishes etc.

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