Discover the benefits of the Bora X BO

With the Bora X BO, you don't just get a steam oven at home.

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Clean air and a clear, unobstructed view

The Bora X BO oven is equipped with automatic steam extraction. One of the advantages of this is that you do not get steam in your face when you open the door. The steam extraction ensures that the oven space is dehumidified, cooled, and filtered. In addition, the oven contains an odor filter that absorbs all odors.

Easy operation

The Bora X BO contains a touch display of no less than 19 inches. The screen of this can be folded up for better operation. In addition, the touchscreen responds just as smoothly as the touches on a smartphone.

The oven is equipped with many pre-configured programs and user guidance, which makes cooking easier.

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Best cooking and baking results

The optimal heat distribution ensures very even cooking and baking results. Your dishes will therefore be perfect, even when you use all three levels at the same time.

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Cleaning in an instant

Has the oven become dirty during use? This is not a problem with the Bora X BO. The oven cleans itself and is equipped with a drying program, whereby wiping is no longer necessary. You can compare it to the plates in your dishwasher, it will be spotless again in no time.

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